The way businesses and their IT providers
approach cloud migration is changing.
Change with it.

Getting the most from your cloud modernisation

We know that moving to the cloud can only truly succeed when the motivation behind it and the outcomes expected from it are understood. There are as many different reasons to opt for cloud modernisation as there are unique business propositions; sometimes it’s an impending event horizon – an acquisition, a change in regulation, a data centre exit – spurring a company to act, or often, the driver is innovation. You want to take advantage of next generation services, bolstering business resiliency, expanding out into global markets to stay ahead of the competition.

This is where we differ. Instead of the drag-and-drop approach of the past, we look at both your present and your future when it comes to the cloud. The migrations we facilitate today always allow for necessary changes to optimise your chosen platforms and take advantage of cloud native services. Put simply, we think that undertaking a migration without an accompanying modernisation is a wasted opportunity.


We’ve never approached cloud modernisation as a simple drag-and-drop exercise, because it isn’t. Whatever your reasons, whether you’re replacing old tech, streamlining old processes or trying to modernise your operations, it’s a journey unique to you. We’ll be with you the whole way, bringing our knowledge, expertise and skill to make the next stage of your business a success. Learn more about our approach to cloud modernisation with our Technology Practice Director and cloud expert, Andy Slater.

Equipping you for inspirational cloud change

We have achieved incredible outcomes for our customers by guiding them through cloud modernisation. Increasing profit, boosting sales, attracting new customers, maintaining regulatory compliance and bringing in new talent are just a few potential benefits of the project. Cloud modernisation is an exciting venture but it is also a significant undertaking, both in terms of cost and time, so we make sure that you’re always prepared for the reality.

A route to the cloud crafted around your needs

Everyone thinks that they know ‘the cloud’, but in our experience, there isn’t a single cloud platform that can cater for every need. There’s a variety of infrastructure and technology that you can take advantage of and every platform has its own pros and cons, in the eyes of each and every customer. You may opt for hybrid cloud, an on-premises solution, data centre hosting, private cloud or public cloud, or even a combination of these. Your cloud modernisation may involve making tweaks at a platform level, it might include a more significant rearchitecting, or it could mean retiring existing systems and purchasing new software solutions. The route we select with you will not only depend on where you are, but where you want to end up.

Demonstrating value and securing support to ensure success

The single biggest factor we see in cloud modernisation not progressing is failure to secure buy-in from leadership. It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that cloud modernisation is purely a technological shift, when in fact it must always be a combined commercial and digital undertaking. It’s vital that your cloud champions are on the same page as business leaders before you embark on the project. At Node4, we don’t just support with the technology, we can help you navigate the business politics, too.


Your cloud migration and modernisation is a process that may take place over a number of months or years and we will work with you throughout that journey, co-managing the transition and aligning ourselves with you strategically. We’ve been around since the dawn of cloud technology, so you could say that our heads are in the clouds! But our knowledge, expertise and skills, mean that our feet stay planted firmly on the ground.

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Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.