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Demanding more from the data around us

All businesses are dependent on their databases, even if they’re not the most visible part of the IT environment and this reliance brings challenges. More data is being generated now than at any other point in history, with the variety of different data types is on the rise, too. Storing and processing this information is now the bare minimum; databases need to be optimised, configured to best practises, and continuously fine-tuned to cope with the demands of our data-driven lives. It’s a full-time job looking after your information, so trust the experts to do it for you.

Find out why we’re helping to lead the data revolution

We’ve always taken a unique approach to data, out of a desire to push the boundaries of what it can do for your business. For us, it’s not enough to ensure that databases are well optimised or running to standard – the information they hold can tell us so much more in the right hands. We dig deeper, detecting patterns and generating insights to drive real change in your business efficiencies. It’s this approach that keeps us at the forefront of Intelligent Data, as our Technology Practice Lead Julian Boneham explains.

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Powering lives and empowering business through data

From finance to factories, from healthcare to housing, we take for granted that the databases containing vital information are always available and always running faultlessly. Well-optimised databases enable applications to load quickly, payments to process instantly and videos to stream smoothly.

Making your data work harder for you

Not only does data need to be available at your fingertips to empower decision making at all levels – it needs to be agile and current. We think that your data should be working harder for you, which is why our intelligent data service is available to all. Rather than simply staying on top of the data mountain, we analyse it in real time, to generate reports and visualisations. We can even leverage our public cloud capability to help drive predictive analytics.

Using intelligent insights to drive foresight

We detect patterns in the data, derive meaning from those patterns and use this to generate real insight. These could be about anything, from subtle changes to buying habits to security blind spots, or even supply chain inefficiencies. Whatever the data, the application of these services is invaluable to help drive business efficiency and with this information at your fingertips, you can pivot from a reactive model to a proactive one, using our insights to give you foresight.

Keep the competitive edge IN A real-time marketplace

Predictive analytics give you a real-time view of what’s going on in your marketplace, enabling you to make those key business decisions in real time, too. When you get more value from your data, you can drive productivity and leverage your unique business intelligence to achieve a competitive advantage.

At the forefront of the data revolution

It simply wouldn’t have been possible to generate this kind of knowledge even just a few years ago. But Node4 brings a uniquely mature service model around data management. At the forefront of this new wave, we are now able to build out modern data platforms to integrate multiple data pipelines, tie in other apps and knit it all together into a single unified platform to enable smarter business intelligence. By combining our backend expertise with unbeatable database management and dynamic frontend functionality, we have the full complement of skills and technology to bring you the complete picture.


We’re proud to introduce TNP, part of our Node4 group and the largest pure-play Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central partner in the UK serving the mid-market. TNP provides services across two leading brands: The NAV/365 People, who focus on Dynamics NAV and Business Central implementation and support, and The Power People, who focus on Microsoft’s Power Platform.

To find out more about how TNP can help you with either Dynamics NAV, Business Central or the Power Platform, take a look at their website or download their ultimate guide.

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