We maintain complete control over our
service delivery, network and infrastructure,
allowing us to deliver change our way.

The best way to do that? Take control of everything.

From the very beginning, our story has been about technology. We wanted to work with the best in the industry, wanted cutting-edge cloud platforms and a solutions portfolio that could evolve and grow to encompass everything a modern-day organisation could need. We’re experts, but it’s not enough to simply know our stuff – we must deliver to our customers, 365 days a year.

We own our data centres, our core network, our cloud infrastructure and the solutions portfolio that sits across them. We have invested millions in the development of our infrastructure, giving us complete control, enabling us to provide Exceptional Service as a Standard.



At Node4, we don’t look at fulfilling your needs as an exercise in box ticking – we want to understand what’s important to you, to your customers and to your people.

That’s why, when we work together, we start at the beginning. We talk about your goals, your aims and we find the best way to deliver them, to ensure that you feel the real, tangible change that you need to see. Whatever your objectives, whatever challenges you face, implementing change is a journey and we’ll be with you the whole way.

Node4-How we work

How do we maintain high standards, deliver Exceptional Service as a Standard and continue to develop industry-first solutions?

We are in complete control
because we own
all our infrastructure

We are continually
striving to lead
the way in technical expertise

We invest in expanding
our flexible, resilient and agile

We commit to ongoing
training, qualifications
and development

We always think
outside the box
because innovation is key

Combined with our commitment to controlling our wide-ranging platforms and infrastructure, we offer the best-possible solutions and support to our customers without compromising on quality, our service or our future.

“As technology leaders, we wanted to ensure that we were working with market leading technology. The best way to achieve that was to build it ourselves.”


Our Trusted Vendors

When it comes to working with technology partners, we only want to associate with the best and those that share our core values of passion, innovation and trust. We work incredibly hard to achieve and maintain these (often exclusive) accreditations and collaborate with our vendors to push the boundaries of IT.

Our technical expertise and experience within the industry sets us apart, making partnerships successful and fruitful for all parties. 

But it’s not just about partnering with technology providers inside of our infrastructure; we are one of the few elite Microsoft Expert MSP’s, delivering Azure services and we’re also accredited with other hyperscalers such as AWS, bringing you the very best bespoke and hybrid solutions which are secure, reliable and trusted.


Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.


Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.