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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Data and AI have become two of the most valuable resources for organisations seeking to gain a competitive edge. Data is the lifeblood of any business, providing insights into customer behaviour, market trends and operational efficiencies. With the help of our data analytics solutions, businesses can transform raw data into meaningful insights that inform key decisions and drive growth.

Transform business decision making with AI

AI is reshaping the future of business intelligence, empowering organisations to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Whether you wish to talk to your data with Azure OpenAI or boost creativity and productivity with Microsoft Copilot, AI for data analytics will help solve common challenges, make data-driven decisions, and save time and resources.

Stay ahead of the competition with advanced analytics

Leverage real-time analytics to make reliable and informed business decisions swiftly to stay agile and competitive. Through Power BI as a service, you can access accurate data in real-time and capitalise on opportunities.

Maximise productivity with always optimised databases

The backbone of efficient IT systems lies in well-maintained and modern databases, ensuring applications run smoothly and reliably. Harnessing seamless data pipelines and information into centralised Data Warehouse and Data Lake environments will empower any organisation to make informed decisions and drive productivity forward.


Arriva Treatment

Security and Trust

A robust data security plan with data encryption, access controls and regular data backups can prevent data breaches and the consequences that can arise.

AI adoption

Operate with greater efficiency using AI and Machine Learning, coupled with advanced analytics to start making decisions based on foresight.

Advanced analytics

With its powerful analytics capabilities, using Power BI, you can access key metrics and trends to optimise operations and gain a competitive edge.

integration and analysis

Regardless of multiple data sources and locations, you can build data pipelines for Data Warehouse and Data lakes, transforming diverse sources into actionable insights.


Ensure optimal database performance 24/7 with expert consultancy and proactive Managed Services, maximising productivity for critical IT systems.

Chat with your data

Connect and chat with your files and business data, leveraging natural language processing and Azure OpenAI to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions.


In today’s world, Data & AI is vital for fuelling innovation, insights and decision-making. We are seeing more volume, variety and velocity of data now than ever before. By delving into our eBook, you will explore the diverse types of data available, the benefits of data-driven decision-making, machine learning, AI ethics, the importance of data security and more. Let’s unlock the transformative potential of Data and AI together.

An Introduction to Data and AI

accelerate your Data and AI journey WITH OUR WORKSHOPS

Data Analytics & Reporting Assessment

Leverage the power and value of your data by taking advantage of our data analytics and reporting assessment service. Typically delivered over five days and encompassing an overview of your current reporting framework and aspirations for future reporting, this assessment is the perfect start to getting the most out of your data.

Tuning and Optimisation Assessment 

As your databases expand, they require tuning and optimisation. Daily operations can make it hard to assess performance objectively. This assessment offers a fresh perspective for Oracle, SQL Server, & MySQL databases, ensuring peak performance. With extensive DBA experience, we diagnose issues spanning infrastructure to app interactions.

Data Architecture Assessment

Empower your business to enhance its use of data warehousing and analytics architecture, boosting user adoption and maximising data value. The Data Architecture Assessment aids businesses in evaluating current data architecture, pinpointing areas for enhancement, and offering recommendations aligned with industry best practices.


Data Intelligence with Julian Boneham

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data environment is complex, will Node4 be able to fully understand our requirements?

At the outset of our Managed Services, the Node4 Data team will conduct a thorough on-boarding exercise to ensure we have all the required technical and tribal knowledge relating to the client environment. This ensures a high degree of technical ownership and effectiveness from day one.

Is outsourcing data cost-prohibitive?

Node4 benefit from high economies of scale due to having made significant investments in our monitoring infrastructure coupled with having a sizable team of internally employed DBAs, Data Engineers and Data Analytics experts. This typically enables us to deliver our Data services for significantly less than the cost of resourcing this model via internal hires for our clients.

Will there be any disruption for our internal technical team?

Node4 typically work in conjunction with the internal technical teams within our clients. The Node4 service model enables a clearly defined SLA and boundaries for responsibility which typically enables the client’s internal technical team to focus on the business specific projects.

Our data project demands are unpredictable – will a third-party provider be flexible to meet our requirements?

The Node4 Data services are designed to be flexible enabling the delivery of projects from ad-hoc daily delivery through to multi-year complex project delivery. Equally, our Data Managed Services are designed to ramp-up and down inline with our client demands. Due to the capacity and breadth of skill within our Data Practice, we’re able to be flexible to fit the operational demands for our clients.

We want to take advantage of AI – can Node4 help us start?

Node4 benefit from vast experience in Data platforms, data management and analytics. Whilst there’s a lot of hype around AI, we’re helping our clients focus on the real-world benefits that can be leveraged through Azure based functionality such as sentiment analysis and machine learning to drive towards prescriptive analytics. We have created a number of AI Assessment Services that our enabling our clients to gain genuine benefit from the advances in AI.



Arriva Bus

Working with Node4 has helped Arriva, a major public transport operator, to drive their database design forwards.
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Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.