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As the world becomes increasingly connected, we understand the need for organisations across all sectors to protect themselves from the growing number of cyber threats that can compromise their sensitive data and put their operations at risk. Node4 can help your organisation implement effective cybersecurity measures through our data management services. These not only protect an organisation’s digital assets – they ensure the continuity of your operations through business resilience, build trust with your customers and help avoid costly security breaches.

We take your organisation’s security incredibly seriously. Over years of honing data security management services, we’ve developed a multi-faceted approach designed to equip you with the tools to avoid, recognise and respond to threats. As certified cloud security professionals, we can provide an all-round assessment of your security posture, offer expert guidance over time, or even take on your security operations ourselves.

Whatever level of support you opt for with our IT managed services, you can operate safely in the knowledge that you are complying with industry regulations. Also, your employees will be kept security savvy and threats will be monitored around the clock, giving you peace of mind in all aspects of your organisation.



Organisations that are technically prepared when it comes to security are better equipped to detect and respond to potential threats, minimising the risk of costly data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.

With Node4’s Threat Detect Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) and support from certified cloud security professionals, your organisation can proactively protect their assets, build trust with customers and stakeholders, and maintain their reputation in an increasingly digital world – safe in the knowledge that your security isn’t compromised.



Securing your organisation begins with insight and expertise, but to put it into practice, industry-leading technology is required. We are certified cloud security professionals and suppliers of next-generation technology solutions which will protect you from unforeseen disruptions and fortify your borders against threats, both outside and within your organisation.

An open and trusting nature is beneficial for your organisation, but it also brings significant risk. Read this blog from Glenn Akester, Technology Practice Lead, to learn more.



As the technology that enhances your organisation advances, so does the technology that can be used against it. Failing to confront this reality can put your staff, customers and valuable data at real risk. At Node4, we provide a range of services, including our cloud security services, designed to inform you about the threats you face and put safeguards in place to prevent them before they strike.

Martin Rothe, SOC Team Leader, gives us 3 quick security tips. Watch the video now.

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Explore the ever-growing impact of cybercrime and learn effective strategies to safeguard your organisation in our comprehensive cybersecurity guide. Delve into prevalent security threats and discover practical methods to enhance your organisation’s overall security posture.

Gain valuable insights into common security risks, common threats, and emerging trends with Node4’s security guide. This resource not only provides a deeper understanding but also offers guidance on how companies can enhance their security, mitigate risks, and prevent attacks. Download it for free to ensure you are on the path to effectively safeguarding your business.


Staying on top of ever-changing data privacy regulations is a challenge for every organisation, but there is more to remaining compliant than simply adhering to the minimum government standards.

As cyber security consultants, we can help you stay privacy compliant with the full complement of technical, physical and administrative security compliance management.

Proud to be Cyber Essentials Accredited

We’re incredibly proud to be Cyber Essentials accredited, supporting organisations to identify and address vulnerabilities in their systems, implement effective cybersecurity measures and provide ongoing support to maintain their cybersecurity posture.

Have peace of mind knowing you have access to the expertise, resources and skills needed to protect your organisation for the future.


Our team of experienced Chief Information Security Officers provide a cost-effective approach to improving your security posture, with your virtual CISO advising on governance, risk management, security testing and incident response. Our cybersecurity consultants operate based on what you need – whether that’s unbiased guidance, direction or control to bring you the level of protection that you require, in line with your enterprise programmes, company policy and organisation’s objectives.

Managed SOC

Threat Detect is our Security Operations Centre (SOC) service. Powered by Microsoft Sentinel, our SOC offers 24*7 proactive security management with 7 years of experience across multiple customers and is backed by Microsoft’s artificial intelligence. Our proactive Online Threat Monitoring and intelligence sources have allowed us to get ahead of the criminal community. We work closely with our technology partners to allow you to focus on running your organisation, while we watch out for incoming attacks and network threats.


The advantage of using a data security management service like ours? It’s being able to use best practices and experts who work on a variety of IT infrastructures, day in and day out. Without compromising customer security, we look at trends and vulnerabilities, investigating your infrastructure from the outside and the inside using the “lens” that hackers would use. You can find out more about what you should expect when hiring an ethical hacker over at our blog.


Phishing is becoming an ever-more sophisticated and increasingly lucrative form of cyberattack – but can your employees spot scams? Use our expert guidance and content ideas for running effective, fit-for-purpose training sessions.



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