UK Government research found that phishing risk levels are higher than ever. With a permanent, larger hybrid workforce and accelerated moves to cloud services, the phishing landscape is set to worsen post-pandemic. However, this study also revealed that businesses are struggling to administer effective security training.

Take advantage of guidance, structure, and content ideas for running tailored security awareness training sessions in this guide. Our advice can help you deliver the most effective training to defend your business against communications-borne cyber threats, minimising the link between user error and harm to your organisation.


Phishing is an online form of fraud where messages are received from a seemingly known and trustworthy company, but are actually scammers attempting to reveal vulnerable data, such as personal information and credit card details.

There are several ways to reduce the risk of your company being vulnerable to phishing. One of the key methods is for you and your employees to be aware of phishing and be able to identify it easily. 

Typically, phishing messages will inform you that urgent action needs to be taken, in relation to billing, account information or something similar. They will then tell you to click a link in order to rectify the situation, which is a distinctive feature of these messages. Legitimate companies will not provide a link in emails of this nature, so avoid clicking anything in these types of emails.

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The risks phishing poses to those unaware of such attacks are severe – they leave sensitive data and credentials vulnerable. The potential dangers include identity theft, loss of intellectual property, financial loss and damage to your organisation’s reputation. In short, the threat of phishing is not something to be taken lightly. 

Taking the necessary steps to increase your staff’s awareness of these attacks, in addition to increasing your data protection as a whole, is invaluable to keep your sensitive information safe. 

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