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In the world of transport and logistics, everything is on the move. Disruptions and delays can damage products, disappoint passengers and reduce profitability. That’s where we enable our customers to excel, by offering high level database expertise, providing superior data analytics and bringing a strong combined infrastructure network and cloud capability. The technology we supply has bolstered resiliency, reduced management overheads and increased operational efficiencies for organisations across the sector.

Delivering more than just packages

Technology in transport is no longer a back-office activity, Neither is it solely concerned with delivering people and things from A to B. It doesn’t matter if the bus is on time, if you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. It doesn’t matter if the stock reaches its destination, if it’s been damaged in transit. It doesn’t matter how fast the train travels, if it’s then needlessly stalled at the station. Today, it’s the experience on the journey that matters.

Adding value to keep you ahead of the game

At Node4, we understand that meeting expectations of yesterday won’t keep you competitive tomorrow. We use technology to elevate your customers’ experience, developing new services to help you stand out from the crowd. Our portfolio of digital services will also enable you to drive productivity throughout your business. By optimising your databases, augmenting your connectivity or using IoT to streamline your processes, we add value at every stage along the way.


The technology services we offer can benefit any business. Our data analytics are accurate, fast and smart and our data management services are helping to create a world where you can not only track the location of a shipment, but also monitor and control the conditions of that cargo. In this world, trains have reliable connectivity, busses log themselves in and out of depots and fleets of couriers converse effortlessly with the HQ. Just five years ago, all this would have been a dream. With the stable IT platform we provide, our customers are making it a reality.

Stagecoach took its cloud adoption strategy up a gear thanks to Node4’s Secure SD-WAN

Stagecoach’s WAN was struggling to deliver on availability, bandwidth, security and integration. Like many companies, Stagecoach had put off a network upgrade because of the perceived amount of disruption it would cause. “We also wanted a solution that would improve our security posture,” explained Graham Moore, the operator’s Group Chief Information Officer. “Cybercriminals have become far savvier, and incidents of hacks and scams show no signs of slowing. That’s why centrally managed security protocols and configurations were top of our requirement list.”

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Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.