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With your customers expecting round-the-clock support, your teams transitioning to hybrid working and your partners demanding more of your networks, you simply can’t afford to be offline. These days, an unreliable, slow or unsafe connection can damage your reputation and undermine trust in your business. 

At Node4, we know that not all networks are created equal, which is why all of the network support services we offer are designed to a high specification and built for scale. With our experience and technical accreditations, you can be assured of a safe pair of hands and a long-term strategic partner for your business networks.

We have you covered with all areas of secure networking and our broad solution portfolio is categorised under three main banners: Wide Area Network (WAN) Edge, Access Edge and Cloud Edge. Browse our network support and managed connectivity services below and get in touch to learn how we can drive your network transformation initiatives.

An expert eye for your peace of mind

Networks can be complex things, so why not leave it to our experts to ensure that your organisation isn’t at risk of an outage? With Node4’s Network Doctor, you can gain confidence that your network is secure and resilient, thanks to a careful assessment from the Node4 team.

Where risk is identified, a detailed report will be provided to help you take the necessary steps towards getting your network back in perfect working order.



Today, Wide Area Networks extend beyond connecting branch sites with network edges now existing in many locations, making enabling secure and reliable connectivity between these edges critical to success. Node4’s flexible and secure WAN Edge connectivity solutions are a catalyst for digital transformation. Our network support services enable customers to rapidly adopt hybrid working, accelerate towards hybrid cloud and harness the power of data and secure networking for business intelligence.


Our secure managed SD-WAN service keeps your team members connected and protected, wherever they choose to work. A software-defined network solution, it continually prioritises traffic flows to optimise the experience for every user alongside integrated advanced network security to connect the distributed Enterprise, protecting every edge in the process.

In our blog, Glenn Akester answers some of the more common questions around SD-WAN.

Secure SD-Home

We can help move your homeworkers into a secure, flexible and reliable environment, to boost their productivity and safeguard their wellbeing. The Node4 Secure SD-Home solution offers a bundle incorporating best-in-class hardware, supported by our business grade network and backed 24/7 by our UK support teams.t.

Private WAN

Our Private WAN solution is designed for businesses operating across multiple sites that require a wholly private and robust network. These MPLS-backed, isolated network instances provide a secure platform with end-to-end Enterprise grade SLA’s.


Wireless WAN meets the needs of challenging, short-lived or mobile locations, utilising either radio, microwave, 4G LTE or 5G technology for ultimate flexibility.

Direct Internet Access

We provide business grade internet access through our ConnectFAST solution, advising on the optimum mix of carrier and connectivity technologies for you. Our internet connections are maximised for speed and with extensive peering to tier-1 internet and content providers, we ensure the fastest route for your traffic. So, whether you need uncontended connectivity for business-critical processes or a cost-effective connection for backup, we’ll keep you online, always.

Wires Only Connectivity

Leverage our managed connectivity services to underpin your own network topologies, while benefiting from our long-standing multi-carrier partnerships for the optimum blend of cost, bandwidth and resiliency.

Remote Workers

Drive productivity through an always-connected workforce, capable of working from anywhere. Tunnel your users into your Enterprise network for access to corporate resources while maintaining a consistent user experience and security posture.



Access networks are the main entry point for systems and users on your network, so providing ease of access while maintaining security and performance is a must. Node4’s high-performance Access Edge solutions connect your users with the network resources they need to be productive and ensure the robust and reliable operation of behind-the-scenes systems.


Hyperconverged infrastructure, application mobility and the exponential growth of data are driving previously unseen demands on data centre networks. We deliver dynamic, high-speed and ultra-low latency data centre fabrics that ensure the availability and performance of business-critical applications.

In this video, our expert, Glenn Akester takes an inside look at the Node4 network and Cisco ACI.

Data Centre Connectivity

Infrastructure resiliency and disaster recovery planning are at the forefront of business priorities, increasing the adoption of clustering, replication, synchronisation, backup and remote access technologies. We deliver high-capacity backbone connectivity to and between your data centre locations, safeguarding business continuity. Our network provides a higher degree of control, streamlining services and delivering an excellent experience for your customers.


Healthcare organisations are going digital, transforming patient experiences and unlocking a new age of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Node4 is a Stage 2 compliant HSCN provider, enabling us to offer seamless delivery of HSCN and overlay services to the health and social care sector. We can help your organisation with the transition to HSCN while upholding the strictest cyber security protocols, without causing any disruption to the vital day-to-day care your patients need.


Data is everything. Use it to understand your users, customers and systems, while enhancing your capabilities and realising new revenue streams by unlocking the intelligence and insights concealed in your business data. Our IoT and M2M solutions enable real-time data collection and the integration of data processing systems.


Hybrid working is driving a return to the office, but while most employees continue to use the collaboration tools they became accustomed to at home, legacy local area networks are creaking under the increased load. We deliver scalable campus access networks that maximise the productivity of your workforce.


We offer a choice of support levels to align to your operational needs, alongside supporting your business as it grows and flexes. Through our Network Support Framework, a range of network appliance can be maintained, monitored or managed with clear outcomes, defined lines of responsibility and with actionable alerts and insights. Making use of our extensive experience in managing our own network, you can be certain of the operational roles and responsibilities between Node4 and your own support, reducing the strain on your team and freeing them to focus on other business priorities.


Legacy WiFi networks are suffering the same problems as their LAN counterparts, juggling ever-rising levels of utilisation and a requirement for flexibility. Break free from network constraints while enhancing productivity by implementing a seamless wireless LAN for your mobile devices.



Cloud adoption is continuing at a rapid pace, making cloud network solutions imperative. Organisations are adopting cloud-first, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies to create intelligent IT infrastructures that can respond to business demands. Node4’s dynamic Cloud Edge, secure networking solutions enable you to locate your workloads on the optimum infrastructure, without the worry of how they will be accessed, secured and integrated with your wider IT systems.


Cloud networking is complex and also a paradigm shift from traditional network infrastructure. It’s critical to properly plan and implement your landing-zone networks from the start. We use our experience and expertise to deliver pre-validated platform network designs that allow you to scale your cloud footprint with ease, using established standards.

In this blog we look at how forward-looking businesses are moving on from SaaS platforms to introduce multi-cloud platforms.



Our network is designed and built to deliver resilient and superior bandwidth, alongside flexible connections between our fully owned data centres and Points of Presence (PoPs). Built on a resilient Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) backbone over our own dark fibre, our MPLS core can provide instantly scaleable bandwidths between data centres in a matter of days, with the guaranteed lowest latency possible.

how our network benefits you

  • DWDM backbone offers up to 320Gbps per span.
  • Dedicated services between our data centres and PoPs.
  • Dedicated services to public cloud providers and HSCN.
  • Resilient paths for layer 2 and layer 3 MPLS services because of the DWDM ring topology.
  • UK support team, 24/7.
  • Fully managed services.
  • Access to a wide range of access layer services, including Fibre Ethernet, Wireless LAN, EFM, EoFTTC, FTTC, FTTP, ADSL2+, and 3G/4G.


You need to keep your business running, whatever happens. Take a look at our available products and our comprehensive consultation solution below and let’s get started with keeping you connected.


DDOS Protection as a Service
Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Unified Threat Management (UTM)
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Network Access Control (NAC)
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


Health Check and Optimisation
WiFi Survey
Architecture Design
Automation and Orchestration
Network Transformation
Network Doctor

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