Check in on your network infrastructure’s health with our Network Doctor consultancy service.

Node4’s Network Doctor is here to help you gain a better understandING of your network health and minimise risk of costly downtime

No matter your industry, it’s likely that your network lies at the heart of your business – so keeping on top of its overall health plays an important part in minimising risk.

A healthy network infrastructure enables seamless connection between your customers, employees and partners and, ultimately, supports you in delivering your core products and services. This means any risk of an outage can jeopardise your smooth running and ability to deliver.

Our Network Doctor is a health check consultancy service created to help you understand, monitor and improve your network performance, offering a structured assessment of your network’s vital signs.

A remote consultation enables us to gather the information we need to make an expert assessment of your network. We’ll talk about your business, network and any known challenges that you are facing, before producing a report that delivers actionable insights and recommendations for improvement.

An expert eye for your peace of mind

Networks can be complex things, so why not leave it to our experts to ensure that your organisation isn’t at risk of an outage? With Node4’s Network Doctor, you can gain confidence that your network is secure and resilient, thanks to a careful assessment from the Node4 team.

Where risk is identified, a detailed report will be provided to help you take the necessary steps towards getting your network back in perfect working order.


Gain confidence that your network is secure and resilient with a careful assessment from the Node4 team


It’s always good to know that your money is being wisely spent and that your technology is delivering a return on investment. By opting for the Node4 Network Doctor, you can uncover whether your infrastructure is delivering a solid return in line with expectations and, where needed, find out where change could be in your organisation’s best interest.

Identify cost-saving and consolidation opportunities

Our Network Doctor consultancy service gives you access to our knowledgeable team who, as well as analysing your network performance, can evaluate your infrastructure to help identify areas where you may be able to consolidate services to deliver cost savings.


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