Get ready for a change that’s electric

The automotive industry is undergoing seismic change, so dealerships are naturally expecting more from their IT services. Forward leaps in car connectivity coupled with the EV revolution are changing how customers shop, what they buy and the infrastructure they need once they have selected their vehicle. The pressure on dealerships and manufacturers to innovate when it comes to customer experience is immense, but supported by Node4’s range of digital solutions, you can respond to that pressure without crumbling beneath it.

Take your digital offering up a gear AND overtake the competition

We have a longstanding and close relationship with the automotive industry, so we’re all too aware that in this competitive sector, the way dealerships use technology can help them stand out from the crowd. We’ve helped our automotive partners pivot to remote working almost overnight, providing them with the laptops, equipment and technical support to do so with confidence. Our connectivity solutions, customer contact packages, hybrid cloud capability and data centre infrastructure can all help support modernisation and give our customers that competitive edge.

From “hello” to “here’s the keys” in no time at all

Our technology is facilitating change to the sales process, making it more enjoyable for customers and more effective for the dealerships. When your customers have more ways to get in touch – and you can monitor those channels in real time – you will be able to offer a higher level of service to all your contacts, whether new or established. We install and support systems that enable an initial call to a car showroom to seamlessly lead to a virtual walkthrough of a vehicle, which in turn flags the need for a sales consultation. It saves time for your customer, and leads you more swiftly towards a sale.


In the automotive world, we know connectivity is critical to offering your customers the latest models and best technology. For dealerships across multiple sites and those intending to expand, being able to easily bring new branches online is key. Our connectivity capabilities provide a resilient and reliable network, ensuring a clear channel of communication is maintained between vendors, showrooms and customers. We guarantee secure access and full control, so that your data is safeguarded, even when your agents are on the road.

Driving change in the cloud for Motorpoint

Each of Motorpoint’s sites were using different versions of software combined with dated hardware, so efficiency improvements were needed. Node4 provided N4Cloud and replaced legacy infrastructure with functionality which can be updated centrally. As well as minimising ongoing costs with managing the IT system in-house, Motorpoint’s new infrastructure means that when they’re opening a new site, the resources can be allocated in minutes.

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Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.