It’s how and where we choose to work today, and the
tools and technology which make that possible.

Hybrid solutions for businesses on the go

Without doubt, the global pandemic has shaken up the workplace, throwing the opportunities for remote working wide open. But from our vantage point across the digital landscape, we see that COVID-19 only accelerated a change that was already in motion.

For years now, Node4 has been helping our customers achieve the blend of remote and in-house work that best suits them and their staff. Whatever the device, we can get users up and running online and provide support as they adapt. If you need your workforce to have the same connectivity in a coffee shop as in your conference room, we can make that happen, but we also recognise that connectivity is incomplete without controls in place to withstand the associated risks of remote work. We insert security protocols and encryption, as well as carrying out testing and monitoring, to ensure that every endpoint is secure.

Workforce wellbeing front and centre

It’s not just the practicalities that are changing; our entire outlook on work is shifting, too. With many teams now fully remote, nurturing employee relationships can be challenging and it’s all too easy to lose sight of the wellbeing of your workforce. We believe that the tools you have are only as successful as the people on either side of them, so it’s our goal to guide you in taking control of that technology and getting the most out of your staff. After all, technology is at its best when it’s enabling people to thrive.

Unlocking the value you already own

We are all at a juncture of reflection and consolidation. Under pressure, you may have chosen the solutions that seemed the quickest and easiest. Now is the time to work out whether those solutions are really the right ones for you. Together, we’ll take a step back to make the path ahead easier. We’ll demonstrate how much value can be unlocked from the products you already have, enabling you to maximise the efficiency of your current offering and improve the experience for your users.

Working for satisfaction, productivity and enjoyment

What makes our approach to the modern workplace unique? That would be our hybrid model combining end-to-end digital solutions, with expert physical tech support. Our flexible approach is tailored to each of our clients, so we can put a solution in for you, guide you through engineering one for yourself, or even something in between. The outcome of all this? More satisfaction, more efficiency and more enjoyment from our lives at work. Because we believe that’s what matters most.


We believe that making the workplace truly modern is about embracing change, evaluating your needs and taking advantage of the latest technology to connect people. It’s not about buying a licence or purchasing the latest collaboration software to fill a need; it’s about altering the way we collaborate, communicate and work together. We’re passionate about providing you with the best possible solutions to run your business, whatever your needs or your sector.


Microsoft 365 offers a wealth of features that facilitate collaboration and communication, while aiding the security and compliance of your corporate data. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Node4 provides a range of 365 services from conception to the ongoing support and management of your environment and employees. Partnering with Node4 will ensure that you maximise your investment in Microsoft 365, helping you to save time, eliminate non-essential expenses and automate repetitive tasks. 

Node4 Achieves Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Status

the rising trend of work anywhere and how to future-proof your workforce

In 2020, we were thrown into a remote working environment with limited time to adequately prepare. Now, many of us are considering a new ‘work from anywhere’ approach which incorporates both remote and office-based working. In collaboration with Cavell Group, this whitepaper takes you through market research on the trends that businesses need to be aware of and how to future-proof your communications stack.

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Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.