In times of calm and prosperity, it’s easy
to be complacent about how well-prepared
your business is to deal with adverse events.

Preparing for the storm, during the calm

If the last few years have taught businesses anything, it’s to be prepared. Expecting the unexpected has become part of daily life, whether it’s making the necessary adjustments to accommodate Brexit, transitioning to remote working when the pandemic hit or responding to the Cost of Living crisis. That’s where we come in – Node4 is here to help you re-evaluate your ability to cope with unforeseen disruptions, prepare for seismic shifts and build a resilient business that can adapt to change with gusto. None of us can predict the future, but with our help, you’ll be better prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.


Our committed approach to fortifying your organisation doesn’t just cover minor risks. We help to highlight potential risks, strengthen your security and identify risks unique to your sector.

Here, our Technology Practice Lead for Connectivity, Glenn Akester, runs through what Business Resilience means and how it can help your organisation stay ahead of the pack.

Node4-Business Resilience-Glenn Akester

Be free to run your business with peace of mind

The reason we take your business resilience so seriously is because we don’t think you should have to – every minute and every penny you spend on it internally is effort diverted away from driving your revenue and profit. We can work with you to help identify the minor risks where you can make savings and recommend where it’s worthwhile to invest in more advanced protection. When you know that Node4’s security specialists are taking a holistic approach to your resilience, you will be free do what you do best.

Fortifying your defences, no matter the size of the fortress

We recognise that being fully resilient goes far beyond cyber security. From environmental factors, to civil emergencies and technical disruptions, we can guard your data, personnel and infrastructure against potential risks from all fronts. And it’s not just large multinationals who we support; we also help smaller organisations understand the risks they face and mitigate them in an affordable, appropriate way. Being aware of the risks will empower you to make informed, practical decisions.

Taking you where you really want to go

Every business needs something different when it comes to bolstering resilience, so we start by asking you what you want to achieve and work backwards from there, to design the right portfolio for you. Whether you could benefit from an initial consultancy, implementation followed by ongoing advice, or a bespoke package of solutions fully owned and managed by us on your behalf, we have an approach to suit.

Reducing risk and building trust

Attitudes to risk do not fit neatly into an either/or binary. Risk appetite is a sliding scale and everyone has their place on it, so we’ll consult with you in depth to find a level of risk you’re comfortable with. Once we’ve identified where on that scale you feel most at home, we’ll work with you to secure your assets from that basis.


Business resilience is not just something you can set up and walk away from – you need a partner who can manage your resilience protocols over the long term, monitoring and making improvements. We continuously interpret data intelligently, stay on top of market trends and keep our finger on the pulse of new software developments. Change happens fast but, with our help, you can change faster.

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