At Node4, our team emphasises providing ethical solutions that deliver real change for the wider world, not just our customers. Our UK-wide facilities include sustainable data centres, which allow us to achieve our ethical goals.

But we don’t stop there. We believe it’s also vital for us to give back – that’s why we run a range of initiatives, from promoting technology careers in schools, to fundraising for our partner charity The Trussell Trust. Over the past few years, we’ve worked closely with The Trussell Trust to support many of their fundraising campaigns, including Christmas present and Easter egg collections.  We’re also proud to have worked with Little John’s House and Rainbows, two amazing organisations that provide vital on-the-ground support for refugees, disadvantaged children and young people with terminal illnesses.


On the back of 2021’s COP26, sustainability has taken on even greater importance, with the UK Government setting organisations ambitious targets for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

The summit’s focus firmly pivoted to the business world. Specifically, how organisations can help accelerate the fight against climate change, and as a critical infrastructure operator, Node4 takes sustainability seriously. Our Data Centres have a high energy demand, with 98% of our electricity usage going into delivering essential services. We’re dedicated to thinking smart about net-zero and doing right by the environment.

The net-zero target sits high on our risk agenda but also takes pride of place in our company culture, which is driven by trust, innovation, and passion – the key ingredients for making net-zero happen. By making changes that ensure longevity, adaptability and have a lesser impact on the world we share, we ultimately benefit our customers.


We’re continually working to align our CSR strategy and activities with the United Nations’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at both a local and national level. The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve lives and prospects for all by 2030.

Tech Zero

In April 2023, Node4 signed up to Tech Zero, a group of technology companies that have joined together to fight the climate crisis to continue our commitment to reducing emissions by measuring, reducing, and removing our emissions.

At Node4, we’re committed to achieving our Net Zero and helping our client’s reach their net zero by 2050 by calculating the reduction in global emissions and publishing our Net Zero strategy, which describe the extent to which our business activities are based on carbon output for a defined scope and fiscal year and offsetting any remaining emissions.


We power hundreds of businesses in our Data Centres, from healthcare providers to transportation companies.

Sustainability is very important to us, and we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint every day such as buying REGO energy. 98% of our electricity is used by our Data Centres to deliver essential services to customers. Monitoring our emissions and power usage closely ensures that we deliver any savings directly to our customers, and our Data Centres efficiency will continue to be improved in line with recommendations and technology innovations.

Hosting IT systems in an energy-efficient location is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses compared to hosting on-premises. Thanks to our Data Centres, we help companies enable other energy-saving initiatives, remote/hybrid working for employees and video conferencing with customers.


We’ve been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™, published by Great Place to Work® for three consecutive years. It’s an accolade we’re proud of as it recognises the efforts and improvements we’ve made throughout each year to ensure an excellent employee experience.

We’re focused on helping young people to launch their careers in technology, thanks to our apprenticeship programme, work experience placements and partnerships with schools, alongside supporting our workforce with a range of learning and development opportunities, including technical accreditation.

Our diversity and equal opportunities policies underpin how we work, whether we’re recruiting a new apprentice or providing a more established professional with a fresh challenge.

A centre for Excellence in Wellbeing

We’re also recognised as a centre for Excellence in Wellbeing by Great Place to Work®. This means that employee wellbeing is a key element of our culture and we’re committed to creating the best possible workplace for our people.

We’re working to become greener and more efficient in two key areas

  • Working with customers to ensure good practice in installing equipment
  • Carefully selecting our infrastructure for power, cooling, lighting and other areas.
  • Maintaining power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Ensuring cooling systems meet ASHRAE thermal guidelines.
  • Ensuring airflow is well designed.
  • Carrying out improvements in a timely manner.
  • Setting policies for the operation, maintenance and performance of infrastructure.
  • Considering energy performance as a factor in procurement, product development, process and facility design.
  • Encouraging energy efficiency from our workforce, contractors and suppliers.


Exceptional Service as a Standard (ESaaS) is our culture and drives everything we do, whether we’re interacting with colleagues, customers or partners.

It’s about providing a quality-assured service that incorporates all the relevant legislative considerations. It’s also about understanding what our customers need and providing tailored solutions based on our expertise.ESaaS is a cornerstone of our business. Our new starters undergo a detailed training programme on joining us and existing employees undertake annual refresh sessions – all with the aim of providing staff with the tools, techniques and language they need to consistently deliver exceptional service, not just to our customers, but across the business, too.


We’re committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are a part of everything Node4 does, whether we’re building new data centres or upgrading existing facilities. We have committed to design, build and operate our data centres with high energy efficiency standards, and we have a long-term goal to use 100% clean and renewable energy across our global platform.



Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.


Contact us using the form and we’ll get back in touch shortly. Please use the telephone number below to call us, or drop us an email if you’d prefer.