Successfully switching to Colocation: Your buyer’s guide

As a cloud enabler, Colocation is gaining a reputation as a means of delivering a hosting solution that’s simultaneously high performance, whilst offering low risk. Not only that – it can assist with both building and strengthening business resilience, with SMEs increasingly turning to it as a viable option and alternative to utilising fully public or private cloud alternatives. But how can switching to Colocation deliver all this?

Discover how in this paper, with detailed considerations, tips and red flags to help you on your Colocation switch.


Data centre Colocation is the act of hosting an organisation’s hardware at an external data centre for increased bandwidth, agility and availability. The benefits are clear – it allows you to easily scale up with your company’s growth and can simultaneously save on energy consumption and rent.

With Colocation hosting at our data centres, you can trust us to provide you with better security, disaster recovery and resilience with our state-of-the-art facilities. 

We have built our data centres from the ground up, specifically with resilience in mind. South Yorkshire Housing Association and RedEye have already utilised our Colocation services to great success, so why not join them? Enhance your business with Node4 today.


There are several reasons why Colocation services may be beneficial to you, including rapid scalability, improved resilience and much more. In addition, security is paramount at Node4 – it’s why our ISO27001-certified data centres have security personnel onsite, 24/7.

By utilising the services of a larger data centre, you can use our advanced facilities and equipment – all while maintaining complete control of your own. We take care of the maintenance and building of the infrastructure, so you can focus on your business priorities. 

You can find out more about Colocation and its benefits on our blog. For example, it can be a cost-effective option when application hosting and can also be a more sustainable option for data hosting, too.


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