Managing Healthcare Data in an Era of Explosive Growth: A Guide to Storage Options

Get the most out of your data and improve patient outcomes, by learning effective healthcare data storage and retrieval strategies.

Our whitepaper takes you through key areas you need to consider for successful healthcare data management. Armed with this knowledge, you can set out a strategy that works for your organisation, striking that balance between accessibility, compliance, security and cost.


  • Key considerations when managing healthcare data
  • What to look for when choosing data storage technologies
  • ROI: getting the most value out of your storage solution
  • Security, compliance and data privacy
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Using your data: predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Managing data in a crisis

This exclusive paper is brought to you by Node4 in partnership with NetApp, who provide leading technology for modernising and simplifying storage environments.

Our whitepaper takes you through key areas you need to consider for successful healthcare data management.

Modernise your approach to healthcare data storage and retrieval

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or a supplier to the industry, you’re dealing with a lot of data. Electronic health records, high-resolution images, health data from wearable devices are just some of the fast-growing types of data that you might need to store effectively.

Data must be accessible when required, yet fully secure and compliant with all regulations – without accumulating eye-watering costs.

Fortunately, data storage technologies have improved significantly and enable you to achieve all of the above. It’s just a matter of deciding on the right options for you – which is where our guide comes in.

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