Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN brings agility and security to your network, empowering your teams with the fastest, most secure experience, wherever.


Your business is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Digital transformation is affecting all businesses in different ways. Business data is spread across multiple cloud providers and our teams are more mobile than ever; working from the office, home and elsewhere.

Your team depends on connectivity for success and it’s time for the backbone of your communications to become as agile as your business; introducing Secure SD-WAN.


Managing private networks is a time consuming and complex task, but clearly a requirement for organisations wanting to guarantee application performance to their employees.

Node4 & Fortnet SD-WAN


Working from home is here to stay, which means that all businesses need to be ready to embrace a hybrid working model. Our hybrid working solutions empower your teams to work productively, regardless of where they choose to work. With workplace transformation options, you can migrate your legacy platforms to the cloud to better support the hybrid model. We can help you design, deploy and support a strategic hybrid working solution, which promotes communication, improves business operations and reduces the pressure on your internal teams. But that’s not all – you’ll only ever pay for what you use on either a per-user or per-month basis, making it a comfortingly cost-effective option.

Our Secure Managed SD-WAN service is designed to ensure that your business connectivity keeps everybody secure and productive, regardless of where they are working.

It adapts to your business changes and continually prioritises traffic flow so that everybody has an amazing experience whether they’re on an HD video call with the team or simply accessing files across the network. Secure SD-WAN forms a core part of our vision for secure networking across your organisation.

We bring advanced security to every location, providing leading protection from internal and external threats. Laptop and mobile devices are protected with centralised endpoint protection. Wherever your teams are working, our Secure Access Service Edge approach will keep your business data safe whilst accelerating their application experience.

Secure SD-WAN is built on leading technology, partnered with Node4’s experience and expertise of delivering large scale Wide Area Networks over the last 15 years.


  • Next-Generation Firewall at every location protects all users from internal and external threats.
  • App intelligence detects and prioritises 3000 applications.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning speeds up new site deployments.
  • 4G/5G Rapid Deployment.
  • Traffic prioritisation for speed and performance converging voice. data, video and applications based on what you need.
  • Network-Optimisation-maximised traditional “failover” circuits.
  • Analytics and Reporting. Regular monthly and on-demand reports with deep insight into application experience for users.
  • Fully Managed SLA Backed Service 24/7.

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Our experts will dive into our most frequently asked questions, so you can gain insight or dispel myths.

Is SD-WAN the way forward for your networking and digital transformation journey?

Or is it another technology to add to the long list of buzz words, which promises more than it can actually deliver when applied to your business?


glenN akester, node4
Glenn is an experienced network architect and technology leader, specialising in networking, cloud, security and automation. He is an expert in emerging trends and the development of innovative and bespoke solutions. His knowledge and skill set have made him the lead on a wealth of complex and high-profile projects.
paul haines, fortinet
Paul’s Fortinet career started just over one year ago and since moving to Fortinet he has been dedicated to helping grow the MSSP business. He has been in the IT industry for over 17 years in a variety of roles and technologies which gives him a rounded view of the marketplace.
Jamie GunnELl, NODE4
Jamie, SD-WAN & Connectivity Product Manager, has over 20 years’ experience working in the Telecoms/ IT market with a strong background in connectivity, security and networks. Focussed on bringing customers into the digital transformation era via SD-WAN and reliable, resilient connectivity solutions.
Steve Mulhearn, Fortinet
Steve has over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity sector. He has a wealth of knowledge on the security pain points faced by companies in almost every sector, ranging from financial services to manufacturing. Steve is also an expert on IoT security and how companies can best protect themselves from emerging threats. 

South Yorkshire Housing Association Implements Secure SD-WAN

South Yorkshire Housing Association recently implemented our Secure SD-WAN solution as part of an overall digital transformation project allowing them to drive efficiencies and deliver improved services to their tenants.

Node4 works with housing associations and developers enabling their digital transformation journeys, offering IT solutions that maximise efficiencies, minimise costs and achieve better outcomes for tenants.


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