Get a Node4 Database Health Check for just £1,000 

In today’s world, database environments can change rapidly, and we understand that it’s often difficult to take a step back and take stock of how the database and applications are really performing. To ensure system optimisation, turn to our Database Health Check service, which is designed to give a point-in-time assessment of the health and performance of a critical database environment.

We provide an in-depth, analytical review of your system performance, alongside an easy to understand Management Summary so all recommendations can be quickly digested and follow-up actions can be agreed and actioned promptly.  

Typically requiring three to five days of consulting time, we’re offering our health check service for a reduced fee of £1,000 (RRP £3,000). Whether your database environment is suffering from current performance degradation, or  you want from a current system benchmark for future capacity management, this service will be invaluable for your business. 

This offer is available for delivery against a single instance of Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL. Have any questions? View our FAQ’s.

“Just wanted to say thanks for the proactive approach you have taken in delivering our database environment review. Great customer service and exactly what we need from our expert DBA partner.”

IT Director – Major UK Facilities Management Business

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What happens after the Health-Check?

After delivery of the Health-Check report, we will walk through the findings with you and agree the remediation plan – Some customers ask Node4 to complete all of the optimisation work, other customers prefer to pick-up through their internal team – The choice is entirely yours although the end result is always focussed on having a perfectly performing database as the end result.

What’s included within the Node4 Database Health-Check?

An in-depth review of database performance whereby Node4 hone in on the potential performance bottlenecks – Our consultant will then produce a business focussed report, categorising all findings in 3-easy-to-read categories with a remediation plan against each recommendation.

Why carry-out a Database Health-Check?

Data is ever growing, application code gets updated, more users need access to the data – This all puts pressure on the database design and architecture which results in system performance degradation.

What Database technologies are covered?

Node4 have a sizable team of DBAs who have worked with customers of all shapes and sizes. This Health-Check offer is available across Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.