Working with Node4 has helped
Forest Holidays to overcome some
previous major IT challenges.

The Customer

Forest Holidays offer idyllic woodland holidays in ten, breath-taking, UK locations. They connect people, nature and local communities.

The holidays offer peace and tranquillity for families, couples and groups. Guests can stay in luxurious cabins and take part in adventurous outdoor pursuits or just have a wonderful break, chilling out in the lovely, scenic countryside.

The company website is used to market and provide useful information to customers and is the platform through which most holidays are booked. There is a central head office in Moira.

Forest Holidays

“We no longer have to think about our website infrastructure. Isn’t that what outsourcing is all about?”


The Challenge

The company required a managed services provider to optimise customer engagement, customer service and generate further revenue. The previous supplier didn’t have a solution that suited Forest Holidays size and business model and this was causing Forest Holidays some operational issues. Their package was for much smaller businesses and they didn’t have the next step up that Forest Holidays were looking for.

IT Systems Manager, Nick Danson said: “We needed to change the configuration. The model wasn’t working for our requirements and was taking significant resources to manage, which is not the goal of outsourcing. Like Node4, our number one priority is customer service and we wanted to be able to concentrate solely on that. That’s what Node4 deliver.”

The website is fundamental to the business model as it allows customers to book and organise their trip any time of day or night. It’s imperative, therefore, that it is 100% reliable to allow business to boom.

The Solution

Node4 was the perfect provider to move to. Node4 has already delivered robust support, flexibility, scalability and significant and measurable ROI to Forest Holidays.

Services that have already been implemented include: a private cloud platform, database software, web services (customer-facing website and booking portal), hosting, resilient internet bandwidth, DDoS, security and disaster recovery, hosted in Node4’s flagship data centre.

With such a large portfolio of complementary solutions, Node4 can provide more products and services as and when Forest Holidays require them.

“I joined Forest Holidays half way through the project, but Node4’s management was so seamless, it didn’t matter. All the information was available, all my questions were answered quickly, and I was up to speed in no time,” Nick continued.

The move to Node4
took minutes

Website has
100% availability

Increase in year
on year occupancy

Staff can concentrate
on core jobs

The Benefits

The move to Node4 took just minutes at a quiet time of day. Those not working in the IT team didn’t even realise it had happened. It can’t get better than that,” said Nick

The business website is now 100% reliable and cabin occupancy is up to 97%, compared to last year’s figures for the same months. This makes it easy for customers to book far ahead of time which they often want to do. New sites are booked up before they are even fully completed, but because the website works so well now, the telephone team are still far less busy as most bookings are done online. This frees the team up to spend more time with customers, who can’t book online, and means that there are no problems at peak times.

Staff can now concentrate on their core jobs instead of juggling calls about IT problems, so staff and customers are happy and relaxed, and everything is running as it should.

Forest Holidays are confident that they now have a provider in place which can deal with any eventuality to manage the business’s IT functions.

Head of Digital and IT, Ben Lang said: “We are eternally grateful that Node4 web hosting has given us no issues. We just wish all providers were the same.”

Our job is to enable Forest Holidays to grow. Part of that is due diligence when finding suppliers. Was Node4 able to offer what we needed at the right cost? Yes. They are absolutely the right fit,” Ben adds.

The Feedback

“Working with Node4 means that we can concentrate all of our skills and strengths on being a leading, luxury, forest holiday provider. We can now spend our time working out how to add those extra touches to our service which really make the customer’s holiday rather than worrying about IT. That’s what outsourcing should be about.

Node4 are so clearly specialists in what they do. It fills me with confidence that they can talk knowledgeably about our challenges and their solutions. They always have someone on hand to answer my in-depth technical questions and they are so honest about everything. We couldn’t be happier with the partnership.”

Nick Danson, IT Systems Manager, Forest Holidays.

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