Introducing Node4 Channel – Empowering Our Partners to Deliver
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Introducing Node4 Channel – Empowering Our Partners to Deliver Positive Outcomes

Discover all about our Node4 Channel, what we do and our broad portfolio of solutions. 

As 2023 came to a close, we were delighted to launch Node4 Channel – the partner arm of our organisation formerly known as Node4 Partner Markets. Find out all about this new chapter for Node4 in this blog, written by Channel Sales Director Ashley Butcher.

It’s a very exciting time for Node4 Channel. In October, I joined the team as Channel Sales Director and in early November, we finally pulled back the curtain on our new Channel website. It’s great to have our own space separate from the main Node4 page to showcase exactly what we can do, and share details on our portfolio and the people that make up our team.  

As a newcomer to the team, it’s been really gratifying to join this programme as we look to expand and reshape what Node4 Channel can do.  

Of course, you might be reading this blog and wondering what Node4 Channel actually is, and what we do. We’ve taken the time to put together a little explainer on who we are, what our mission is and how we aim to deliver real change for the channel organisations we work with, powered by Node4 technology. 


The channel-focused arm of Node4. Formerly known as Partner Markets which was launched in 2017, we relaunched the brand as Node4 Channel in November 2023 with a new logo, name and our first website dedicated entirely to Channel. 

We’ve welcomed over 250 Channel Partners into our programme over the last six years, and with a fresh team and focus, the aim is to grow even further! 

what’s our mission?

Since Node4 was founded in 2004, the aim has always been to use the best technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. We’ve invested heavily in our infrastructure, talent and services over the years in order to deliver an industry-leading managed service, supporting organisations across the UK with a variety of cloud-based products, services and solutions. 

When it comes to Node4 Channel, the delivery might differ but the aim is broadly the same; to help organisations to enhance everything they do, from maximising their margins to improving efficiencies, all with our technology.  

How do we do that?  

We take Node4’s existing and ever-expanding suite of products and services and deliver them to the Channel, allowing organisations to provide their customers with our enhanced, transformative services and outcomes – all managed and maintained by Node4 experts. 

Node4 Hires Ashley Butcher for New Channel Sales Director Role

Node4, the cloud-led digital transformation Managed Services Provider (MSP), has announced that Ashley Butcher has joined the company as Channel Sales Director.

Butcher will implement Node4’s new channel strategy and lead a dedicated team charged with delivering an expanded suite of products and services for MSPs, VARs, ISVs, SIs and Carriers.



Our clients are a mixture of Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers, Independent Service Vendors, Carriers and System Integrators. Our team has vast experience of working with each of these different types of businesses, but whoever we work with, our approach remains the same. We want to take the time to get to know what your organisation is all about, from your pain points to your goals, so that we ensure you get the very best out of our technology. 


Our portfolio combines our expertise, industry-leading infrastructure and existing partnerships and delivers it to the organisations we work with.  It includes:

  • Colocation and Data Centre Hosting get your customers’ data, infrastructure and equipment managed, maintained and hosted by our expert team at one of our Tier 3, UK-based data centres.  
  • Networks and Connectivityutilise the full strength of network support services designed to high specification and built especially for scale, backed by the experience and technical accreditations to ensure consistent, reliable connectivity.  
  • Data and AIhelp your customers get the most out of the information at their fingertips. Our Data and AI services optimise operations help businesses make informed decisions and optimise their operations. 
  • Data Protection Services (BaaS) get access to fully-formed cloud storage and data protection services, designed to minimise costs and maximise revenue, all delivered through an easy-to-use portal. 
  • Security from a full Security Operations Centre to crucial incident advice and guidance with a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (or VCISO) we’ve got your customers covered. Implement effective cybersecurity measures that protect the digital assets of your customers.  
  • Virtual Data Centre a secure, cost-effective and easily scalable hosting platform, ideal for hosting your customers’ workloads and applications. Get all the benefits of public cloud, but without the complexity!  
  • Collaboration ensure the businesses you serve can stay connected and productive with a unified suite of collaboration solutions. Seamless virtual meetings, training events, video and web conferencing, all through Node4 Channel.  


We hope this has given you a taste for what Node4 Channel is all about. If you’d like to find out more, please head over to our new website or contact us directly on the button below.

I’m excited to work with our existing programme and new clients to deliver the changes you need, with Node4 technology powering your goals for both now and the future.