Enhancing Customer Experience for Councils Through Microsoft Tech
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Enhancing Customer Experience for Local Authorities Through Microsoft Technology

Discover how local authorities can use Microsoft technology to deliver an improved customer experience.

Local authorities provide hundreds of different services to their communities every day, and with customer needs and demands constantly evolving, councils must ensure they’re seeking new, innovative ways to transform their services and boost customer experiences.

By using Microsoft technology, councils can offer their customers user-friendly, digital tools for quicker and easier access to information and assistance, as well as tailored experiences and a variety of communication channels to suit every circumstance.

Here, we explore how Microsoft technology can empower councils to overcome some of their most common challenges and offer a better experience for their customers.


Councils receive hundreds of requests, reports and customer communications every day – and managing these quickly and effectively isn’t always easy.

It’s important for councils to be able to adapt to the needs of their customers, as well as solve requests within a reasonable timescale and to a high quality. 

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Node4’s repeatable Service Request Framework can support local authorities with the end-to-end management of everyday requests. The purpose-built framework centralises internal processes and provides automated workflows to simplify task management and ensure requests get solved in accordance with service-level agreements and to a high standard. The framework also automatically updates customers as their case progresses and allows them to provide feedback once their case has been resolved – helping them feel more involved and ensuring they’re happy with the support received. Once implemented, the framework can be repeated and rolled out to address a variety of other service request types, meaning councils can quickly and conveniently adapt to the growing demands of their customers.


In the modern world, customer expectations and demands are changing. For many customers, being able to self-serve key requests and regular tasks is of high importance.

By providing customers with a secure portal with access to a range of self-serve options, you can give them the option to easily kickstart a request, make payments or access frequently asked questions and knowledge articles – without needing to speak with a council employee. This can save customers time and hassle, which could in turn boost their engagement levels.

Node4 offer a variety of different solutions which help incorporate self-serve capabilities into your organisation, including Dynamics 365 Customer Service and our Microsoft-based solutions FlowCase and Compliance.

FlowCase is a unique case management solution that helps provide a smooth digital experience for customers. With the secure portal, customers can access case updates, key information and guidance at the touch of a button, saving time for customers and employees alike.

Compliance is our response management solution, helping councils respond to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Not only does this solution enhance levels of compliance for the organisation, but the self-service portals enable those with open requests to check on progress themselves.


Customer experience isn’t the only thing Microsoft technology works to enhance – there are many other challenges that the tech can help councils solve, including minimising data risks, improving efficiency, driving value from budgets and more.

Take a look at our dedicated local authority eBook, which highlights the innovative technology available to councils and how it can transform the way they provide their public services.



Alongside self-service offerings, customers have also grown to expect organisations to offer a variety of different communication channels. From online chat, text and emails to social media and phone calls, it’s important for customers to have the freedom to choose a communication method that suits their individual needs.

With Microsoft’s Digital Contact Center Platform, councils can benefit from a centralised, online platform that assists employees with the handling of communications from all different channels. The platform not only provides a self-service portal for customers, providing the benefits outlined above, but it also offers Omnichannel for Customer Service, allowing customers to instantly communicate with customer service teams via live chat, text or social media, giving the answers to their questions quickly and easily. Not only does this boost customer satisfaction due to improved response times, but it also allows for tailored services with the customer’s needs put first.


By collecting information on customers from various sources and consolidating it into one easy-to-access location, councils can paint a bigger picture of an individual and their circumstances. With Microsoft technology, forming that all-important single view is easy.

For councils, having accurate and up-to-date customer records and information means employees can provide a better experience when communicating with customers. With records of prior conversations and key information available instantly, customers no longer have to repeat themselves when requesting assistance or updates, their journey can also be tailored based on past interactions.

By using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, councils can take their collated data and use it to highlight if a particular individual may be at risk – helping them intervene early and take proactive action. For example, a child missing school multiple times or an individual failing to pay their rent three months consecutively might indicate that the individual or family requires some additional support, which councils can quickly act upon.


As a trusted Microsoft Partner, Node4 is well-placed to support councils in adopting a modernised, tech-first approach, which helps them put their communities at the heart of everything they do.

To find out more about how we can help, download our insightful and dedicated eBook. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our experts today by clicking below.