Azure News October 2022
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Azure News October 2022

Welcome to October’s edition of Azure News, collating the latest updates in the world of Azure.

Welcome to October’s edition of Azure News, collating the latest updates in the world of Azure. As always, if you need any further information on anything we share in this month’s newsletter, or if you have any Azure queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Microsoft introduces Policy Analytics for Azure Firewall 

The tech giant has lifted the lid on Policy Analytics for Azure Firewall, which is now available for preview. Introduced to assist organisations with keeping pacing with network security policies as workload demands continue to increase, the feature’s key capabilities are listed as follows:

  • Firewall flow logs: Displays all traffic flowing through the Azure Firewall alongside hit rate and network and application rule match. This view helps identify top flows across all rules. You can filter flows matching specific sources, destinations, ports, and protocols.
  • Rule analytics: Displays traffic flows mapped to destination network address translation (DNAT), network, and application rules. This provides enhanced visibility of all the flows matching a rule over time. You can analyse rules across both parent and child policies.
  • Policy insight panel: Aggregates policy insights and highlights policy recommendations to optimize your Azure Firewall policies.
  • Single-rule analysis: The single-rule analysis experience analyses traffic flows matching the selected rule and recommends optimizations based on those observed traffic flows.

You can find more information on this feature, alongside a deep dive into single-rule analysis and pricing by clicking here.

New products launched in Azure Space range 

Two years since the original launch of Azure’s Space range of products, Microsoft has unveiled the next steps in its programme, focused on finding innovative new ways of linking cloud technology with the possibilities of space.  

Azure Orbital Cloud Access Preview

  • A brand-new service that brings the power of the Microsoft Cloud to wherever you need it most. 

General Availability of Azure Orbital Ground Station

  • Since the launch of Azure Space in October 2020, we have talked about Azure Orbital Ground Station. Today, alongside our partner network, including KSAT, we are making this service available to all satellite operators, such as Pixxel, Muon Space and Loft Orbital. 

Digital transformation of satellite communication networks

  • The first demonstration of a fully virtualized iDirect modem. 
  • Together with SES we are announcing a new joint satellite communications virtualisation program. 

Microsoft’s aim with this new wave of products is to “democratize space and empower partners”, by both unlocking connectivity and data within its own Cloud and supporting digital transformation efforts using Azure’s flexible and scalable compute power. 

Find out more here. 

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Azure Payment HSM lands PCI PIN certification

Microsoft has announced that its Azure Payment HSM has managed to achieve Payment Card Industry Personal Identification Number (or PCI PIN) certification, becoming the very first hyperscale cloud service provider to attain it.  

The rapid onset of financial technology required to manage payment transactions means security is of the utmost importance. Azure technology helps this by securing critical payment infrastructures within the cloud, whilst streamlining the compliance associated with global payments security.  

To find out more, click here. 

General availability of Azure Managed Grafana announced 

The next service in Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to releasing open source solutions has been announced: Azure Managed Grafana, now generally available to Azure customers, offers the ability to securely and seamlessly connect with a business’ current Azure services, scaling as necessary and “enhancing observability and cloud management.” 

This announcement brings with it an increased focus on allowing customers to reap the benefits of Grafana in efficient ways, including: 

  • New dashboards on Azure Monitor and Azure Container Apps 
  • A new Pin To Grafana feature in Azure Monitor Logs 
  • A new load-balancing dashboard for Azure Monitor Network Insights 

Click here to find out more about Azure Managed Grafana. 

Cisco strengthens its SD-WAN integration with Azure 

In an effort to tighten its grip on SD-WAN integrations, news of an integration extension between Cisco and Microsoft has been announced. This will enable the construction of both single or multiple overlays on top of Microsoft’s existing structure and enable interconnectivity with enterprise sites across the world. 

This has enabled Cisco to allow Azure customers to build automated site-to-site connectivity on top of Microsoft’s current global network, using Cisco’s SD-WAN Cloud Hub and Azure Virtual WAN’s multi-region fabric. The features are due to be released in December and you can read more about them by clicking here.