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The Customer

Founded over 35 years ago, Pinacl stands as one of the UK’s longest-serving providers of ICT solutions. During this time, they have adapted impressively to technological evolutions, changes in customer demands, and periods of profound economic uncertainty.

As technology has grown evermore advanced, Pinacl’s strategy has evolved to ensure they are delivering best-in-class products to customers who want optimal functionality from their digital solutions.

From significant storage needs to the development of ‘smart places’ where internet-ready devices harmonise to create intuitive, interactive working environments, Pinacl needed support, and it was Node4 they turned to as a strategic partner to meet their future aspirations.


“Node4 is abreast of the challenges of these businesses and is positioned to help us deliver against our objectives.”


A trusted advisor

When your business is brought into major organisations to deliver digital transformations which have a direct effect on performance and personal data, there’s a lot at stake. It means that choosing the right partner is a process which leaves little margin for error.

Key to a partnership delivering on its intended outcomes is
an establishment of trust between all parties. When Pinacl approached Node4 – having previously worked with a member of the Partner Markets team – they recognised this was a company committed to helping them achieve their goals.

With an immediate requirement to provide connectivity solutions, an alternative to that offered by BT and Virgin Media Business, the Pinacl team also had one eye on the future and access to a rich portfolio of cloud-based solutions that would fit within its strategy to deliver transformation and smart spaces to its customers.

Rob Bardwell, CEO – Pinacl, said: “As a business, Pinacl adds value by having a deep understanding of our customers’ organisational challenges with the ability to offer innovative solutions which have the flexibility to allow them to use ICT to enhance their businesses and meet these challenges as they unfold.”

“Node4 is abreast of the challenges of these businesses and is positioned to help us deliver against our objectives. Our customers are now asking for other solutions, asking about cloud applications, and working with Node4 we can engage in conversation and look to supply total needs, plug-in additional technology, really supporting our move towards IoT and smart places.”

Pinacle Data Centre

A diverse portfolio geared to the future

Pinacl had a long term strategy to move from its existing role as a value-added reseller (VAR), to a managed service provider – where it positions itself now – eventually through to systems integration, it’s three year goal.

As a business this means moving to a model that focuses on recurring revenue and covers servers-desktop-vdi-storage-cloud, eventually selling software integration and business support.

For a contemporary, forward-thinking organisation hungry for this inventory of technological solutions, Pinacl were able to see that Node4 stood out as offering something different in the Channel. The sheer extent of Node4’s product range meant that whatever Pinacl’s customers’ evolving demands, there were technologies available to meet them.

More than products

However, for Pinacl, trust and an arsenal of diverse technological solutions still wasn’t quite enough.

“What makes the Node4 proposition an attractive option is the level of ongoing support provided to ensure the protection and prosperity of our long-term strategy.

“Values driven and with long term customer relationships at its heart, Node4 has been tightly aligned to an attainment of a deep understanding of our customers’ business challenges. They have an approach which closely mirrors our own,” said Bardwell.

With Node4 supporting them, Pinacl can move forward into a market place rife with competition secure in the knowledge that they have access to the best products from a trusted Partner who’s there for the long-run.


Local provider with
competitive prices

Close relationship with
Node4 Account Manager

Access to Node4’
support team

The Feedback:

“The Node4 culture and approach are key to our strategic partnership; aligning to our own vision and way of working. The team is expert in its delivery, with depth of knowledge and a partner-first mentality. The people are as big an asset as the technology, proving to be a true differentiator. Overall their processes and the quality of delivery is exceptional.”

Rob Bardwell, CEO – Pinacl.

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